About Us
Owner- Dub Rountree started with the team in 1994 as a BMW Tech then moved to service manager then to sales to his present position. "All of my success is due to my long time friend and partner TH Dorsey" Dub Rountree 
BMW specialist- Bhavesh Borhara has been with Philips for over 10 years. Bob has grown his vast knowledge on BMW's and has become a great team Player. 

Detail- Jimmy Williams has one of the best attitudes of any employee and takes his job very serious.  You can rest assured he enjoys his work and is a valuable contributor to our success.

Mercedes specialist- Russell Runge has been the lead Mercedes tech since 1991 when he came to us from the dealer. Russell has many loyal followers and keeps up to date by attending many classes thru out the year.

Volvo-Lexus Specialist- Justin Jackson has been a part of the Philips team since 2008.  Justin has a vast knowledge in many types of cars, he is just on of those people that can work on anything.
Mercedes Specialits - Charlie Harriman joined the team in 2002. Charlie came from the dealer and has great knowledge of the Mercedes and has a strong following.

 Parts Manager- Don Rader has been with Philips for over 25 years! He is not known for being Mr personality but is one of the best parts men in the business, if you need a part he will find it. Don is a big part of how your car gets fixed with quality parts...Fast.

Service advisor- Ernest Curenton has moved his way up in the company and has become a key player in Philips success. He joined the team in 2005.

Service manager- Jason Stephens has been a huge asset to the success of Philips service since his joining the team in 1998